Welcome to the online extension of Tom Nothnagle's nearly two-decade-running weekly live cablecast from Iowa City, Iowa where you'll find video, audio, photos and resources devoted to all things guitaristic.

What's it About?

It's about an hour. It’s about guitar players and guitar playing. Flamenco-bomba, sure! Slack key, why not? Baroque, bottleneck, bossa nova… just name it. He’s called Guitar Tom because he plays guitars, he plays them well and he plays them a lot in just about any style on just about anything with frets (and some without).

Call the Show

It’s a family show. If you want to talk about guitars, guitar playing, about sitars, guitarróns, kitharas, ouds, lutes, vihuelas, banjos, bouzoukis or balalaikas, even pipe organs, piccolos, politics or your own personality problems, just call Tom.

Join In

It's live. Whether you’re looking for ideas for better technique, ways to feed and groom your guitar, how to put that old plywood acoustic with the broken neck out to pasture or any other issues that interest you about "all things guitaristic," Tom's here to help. Each episode is original with callers and crew adding to the mix.

Drink Coffee

The last Tuesday of each month, the show is hosted live upstairs at Uptown Bill's. Enjoy coffee or specialty sodas, shop their used book collection, and watch a theme-based episode of the show with guests and readings on the Uptown Bill's stage.


Weekly Live Show

Tuesdays 6:00 PM

PATV Channel 18
206 Lafayette Street, Iowa City, IA 52240
(319) 338-7035

About the Crew

Tom’s Guitar Show is entirely volunteer-produced and sponsored through the technical support of PATV Channel 18. For nearly two decades dozens of PATV volunteers have contributed time, energy, and skills to Tom’s live weekly production. Spontaneity is encouraged and willing crew members have become integrated into the ever-evolving cast of characters.

Through the years the show has functioned as an interactive forum predominantly about guitars, but also — as one of PATV’s live cablecasts — a model of the participatory democratic process at the core of public access.

The content of the show develops spontaneously through viewer participation (usually along themes of musical requests, cultural commentary and casual conversation) and serves as an outlet for local expression in a media world dominated by corporate interests.

The show is especially indebted to Phil Phillips, Jim Skopinski, Bob Wiley, Josh Goding and PATV staff, studio interns and volunteers.