Live at Verdé

by Tom Nothnagle

Sensitive solo classical guitar gives way to full-bodied sophisticated entertainment on a hollow-bodied electric guitar in this live recording of Tom with his looping pedal.

Tom was booked three hours a night, three nights a week for a couple of years at Verdé, an upscale tapas lounge near the University of Iowa campus. It solidified the technique he’d been evolving since soloing with Raymundo Rosales (aka Mundo) at Mexican restaurants, to looping duets with his own flash recording at midnight hours, to learning to use a looping pedal on the fly in a live setting. Peter loaned Tom his flash recorder for one of the Verdé gigs, then edited, engineered and mastered the audio captured from the line-out in the back of Tom’s Ultrasound amp (a model initially manufactured in Des Moines, Iowa).

Recording Engineer: Peter Nothnagle
Genre: Easy Listening: Lounge
Release: 2007