Table for Two

by Tom Nothnagle

Looping becomes a polished signature style in this fifth album of Tom’s, which doubles as a teaching tool for his technique.

These are studio-captured tracks of the live looping technique evolved during Tom’s stint at Verdé, an upscale tapas lounge near the University of Iowa campus (for nostalgic measure, located right in the neighborhood of The Guitar Gallery, a once upon a time shop Tom owned in the early ‘90s). The album was recorded in a campus studio with Rod, whose thick Australian accent Tom has appreciated on several occasions as a hired session player. Rod also separated out the duets as backing tracks for Tom to use as a teaching tool at his home-based instructional studio.

Guitar: DeArmond X-155 Jumbo Hollow-Bodied Electric
Recording Engineer: Rod Mickle
Genre: Easy Listening: Lounge
Release: 2008