Tom Nothnagle

by Tom Nothnagle

The first and most soulful of Tom’s original solo albums features three exceptionally well-built guitars—guitars that whittled a gravitas out of his wonderings and wanderings.

These are Tom’s heart and soul songs worked on over a seven-year period in his twenties—songs he grew up on. On one hand they reflect how his guitars, particularly the Mattingly, lifted his playing ability to another level. They also range in emotion from anger to passion to resolution expressing the poignant simplicity of the feel of spring air on the skin the day winter ends, to anguishing over the death of a former girlfriend, murdered just days after her 25th birthday. Captured with limited takes by his brother in University of Iowa's Clapp Hall Auditorium in 1986, it was the perfect room with perfect acoustical dimensions tragically destroyed (along with much of the Arts Campus) by the flood of 2008.

Guitars: Mattingly Nylon Six-String; Sahlin Nylon Ten-String; Lowden Steel-String
Recording Engineer: Peter Nothnagle
Genre: Easy Listening: Adult contemporary
Release: 1987